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Music Platform for Cable TV : Mediamplify Music: Music for Cable Operators. Musica para cable operadores, Headend support and music by subscription, música para subscriptores

Music Platform for Cable TV : Mediamplify Music
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Music Platform for Cable TV: Mediamplify Music

Music for Cable is Mediamplify Music. We are a musical service specially created for cable and telecommunications operators. Mediamplify Music is a musical product for Cable TV system. Our service offering brings a variety of music choices. Our Cable TV music service is powered by the Mediamplify ® platform. Mediamplify Music provides your cable TV system with many additional features and creates value for your subscribers. Our services include title, artist, album information and many other parameters to enrich your viewer’s experience, as well as adaptable video formats that enables our service to be suitable for a great variety of customers and subscribers. Mediamplify Music consists of 50 to 100 music channels for Cable TV without commercials and great quality audio. Our service can be modified and updated as requested by the cable operator and designed to suit all your needs. Additionally, Mediamplify Music is available in mobile phones, web, Chromecast and other connected devices. Mediamplify Music is customizable and is a real turn-key solution to monetize music streaming as part of the cable operator lineup with outlets to mobile, web, IPTV, and many other options.

Music on your Cable TV system

Our music for cable offering is available in the US, Latin America, and all over the world. We love to understand your audience and customers, so we can choose the right and most attractive set of music channels for your lineup matching your current subscriber needs. We provide a better service than Stingray Digital and Music Choice. Mediamplify Music does not require satellite equipment and our platforms provides you with a fault-tolerant device with fully customizable screens. Our backend can be white labeled by the customer and licensed from us


Music Platform for 4G/LTE

Our music is also available as part of the 4G/LTE offering that telecom operators may provide a white label offering for any 4G/LTE system in the world.


Sample Player for the Mediamplify Music Platform

Mediamplify Music


Banda Blanca-450

Channel Lineup

We offer multiple music genres in 24×7 linear format without commercials.


Acoustic blends, guitar and instrumentals with great flavor


Latin music, merengue, salsa, bachata, latin rock, and many other flavors from Mexico to Argentina.


Custom made for different tastes, from new age, Christmas, to experimental sounds


Rock music, heavy metal, old rock and roll, with many other blends.


The best DJs in the world, techno, electro dance, electronica, live DJing


Praise and worship music songs with Christian gospel, rock, and alternative

World Beats

World beats from the middle east, Asia, Europe, and many more.


Music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and all 20th century music.


Symphonic and classical music from Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven.


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Cloud Integration

Our music platform is flexible and can be integrated with any cloud-based system. In other words, you can bring any music cloud to your Cable TV lineup. Currently we support: Pandora, SoundCloud, Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Last.FM.

Music Clouds

All of us enjoy cloud-based music services, the most popular music are: Pandora, Spotify, Last.FM, SoundCloud, Mediamplify Music, Shoutcast, and many others. Mediamplify integrates seamlessly and provides quick access to those clouds. Once Mediamplify connects with your favorite cloud music provider it will ready to generate streaming content for you cable systems. Music for your Cable TV choosing your own cloud source! Music for Cable TV at the palm of your hands and available quickly and easily with Mediamplify Music.

MediamplifyMusic Support

Video Clouds

Likewise, Mediamplify integrates withYoutube and Vimeo where content can be automatically generated with those clouds or your private Cloud. This comes in hand for movie studios or producers of large amounts of videos as they can create “linear” TV channels from their own content and deploy it to cable systems or Telco’s in 4G/LTE systems.

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Available in Any Device

Besides being a music for cable product. Mediamplify Music os a cloud-based service that handles as subscribers in a scalable fashion providing access to the Music and Video content everywhere and in all devices. Mediamplify Music content is updated daily with new songs and artists metadata information.  The streams flow  from the Mediamplify® platform to subscribers’  set top boxes, mobile devices, tablets, and IPTV devices.

Our music spans all kinds of tastes and up to 200+ genres that includes Jazz, Latin, Rock, Nostalgic, Rock, Christian, and many others, we can include your own playlists if desired..



A cable operator can customize the video displayed to the subscriber. Each video screen is customizable to include ads, messages, or logos from your vendors. Animations are also created depending on the content being serviced and the bandwidth requirements provided by the customer.

A sample video generated by MEDIAMPLIFY id provided here:

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