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  • MEVIA en Español
    MEVIA : Aplicación móvil para TV, Video, Música y Seguridad MEVIA contiene suporte de Televisión, Video, Música y Seguridad todo en una experiencia móvil.  MEVIA se conecta a nuestra platafroma de video MEDIAMPLIFY® y provee una experiencia multimedia rica y diseñada para educación y aprendizaje, banca corporativa, definición de marca or mercadología, e integración a transmisión […]
  • Plataforma de Música y Televisión con Mediamplify
    Plataforma de Música y Televisiøn : MEDIAMPLIFY®: Amplify your reach A Cloud to Cable TV™ Plataforma de Música, TV, y Video Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez Gerente de Tecnología – EGLA COMMUNICATIONS La Plataforma de Música y  Televisión Mediamplify® es una multiplataforma de distribución de contenido web, móvil y para sistemas de Televisión por cable. Mediamplify® […]
  • Augmented Reality for Wireless Communications Design
    Augmented Reality for Mobile Development with MobileCDS and MobileCAD  August 6, 2016 by wincho  wincho  No comments yet Augmented Reailty for Mobile Development Augmented Reality for Wireless Simulation and Emulation Is Augmented Reality for Wireless Design possible? Do you envision a day where mobile developers can load a map from Google Maps, covering the City of New […]
  • Tutorial on Mediamplify and MEVIA
    Tutorial on Mediamplify and MEVIA Mediamplify® and MEVIA White Paper from Dr. Edwin Hernandez The post Tutorial on Mediamplify and MEVIA appeared first on EGLA COMMUNICATIONS.
  • Cloud to Cable™ with Mediamplify® and Mevia™
    A Cloud to Cable TV™ Platform for Music, TV, and Video Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez Chief Technology Officer – EGLA COMMUNICATIONS Mediamplify® is the one stop shop multi-platform media distribution for web, mobile, and Cable TV systems. Mediamplify® enables a cloud-based infrastructure to be connected with Cable TV head ends or Multi-System Operators (MSOs), just […]
  • CLOUD to CABLE Playlist
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  • MEVIA para Empresas
    The post MEVIA para Empresas appeared first on EGLA COMMUNICATIONS.
  • MEVIA App
    MEVIA App Development Boca Raton, FL.   The EGLA team has been working very hard on getting MEVIA completed and ready for IOS and Android store. We have a big lineup of TV and Music Stations available for our subscribers in Cable TV Networks, Telco’s, or anyone buying subscriptions directly from us. Mevia will provide you […]
  • Bluetooth Low Energy for Android and iOS
    MEVIA now supports “Bluetooth Low Energy” (BLE) buttons both in Android and IOS. You can press pair or select a new BLE button and long-press (3 secs) for an emergency message to be sent. If you decide to run or walk, watch a video on you mobile, or have some accident at home while watching […]
  • Music : MEVIA experience in Mobile and Cable TV
    MUSIC Streaming  with MEVIA Mobile, Web, Cable TV       We offer a set of multiple genres and productions from around the world.  Our API and cloud are designed to scale and meet all your music streaming needs. Our platform is available in different formats: Service Provider:  Cable Operators, Mobile Telecommunication Carrier, MVNO to supply […]