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Video and Music Platform: A Cloud for Cable TV, Mobile, Web, and & Internet TV / OTT

Platform as a Service


Mediamplify is the platform that brings together the worlds of Cable TV and Cloud. You can create your own cloud-based service or integrate an existing service with Mediamplify. Mediamplify simplifies video and music distribution and monetization to web, mobile, and cable TV systems.

Cloud for Cable TV. Platform as a Service

Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) enables your video and music content to reach your subscriber base on any device including Cable TV/Satellite systems

Cloud Integration

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Cloud Integration

The internet resides in the cloud and video and music are available in mobile, web, and many other devices. Mediamplify is a platform that brings Cloud for Cable TV together. Mediamplify is a simplified answer for multimedia and multi-screen distribution. Our technology and cloud integration, brings cloud-based services to cable TV networks and enables content providers to reach massive audiences in all platforms. Mediamplify helps content owners in their efforts to amplify their reach and hit millions of subscribers across all systems and platforms.

Mediamplify enables you to create your own cloud or integrate it with an existing cloud with music or videos. Some music clouds are supported including SoundCloud, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio to your Cable TV system. Other clouds video clouds supported by Mediamplify are Youtube and Video.

Mediamplify brings any cloud to your Cable TV system as part of the channel lineup without making any additional investment in new set top boxes but our technology. The technology that enables Mediamplify Music can create blocks of 50 to 100 music channels to your cable TV system, music for cable is also available as part of our offering.

Our Mediamplify platform and software empowers anyone to build your own video and music cloud. In other words, you can create your own NETFLIX and you can host your Live TV and Movies with Mediamplify. Mediamplify Video streams your video content to your subscribers in all the platforms, iOS, Android, or Cable TV

Mediamplify brings you the freedom to choose any music or video cloud, or make your own video and music content. Mediamplify make it available for massive distribution to cable TV, mobile, web-enabled devices. Mediamplify effectively simplifies cloud to cable TV integration

Music Clouds

Mediamplify provides seamless integration with existing clouds. Music content is available online and most of the music offerings are cloud-based. Medimaplify supports Some of the popular music clouds include: Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and our own Mediamplify Music

MediamplifyMusic Support

Video clouds

Just as music resides in the cloud, video also is available to you from a cloud platform. Currently, Mediamplify supports Youtube and Vimeo however there are many video clouds that are also popular like Amazon Video and NETFLIX.


As software developers and engineers, we can integrate our software with any web-enabled cloud or synchronize the content over our fiber network or over the internet

Mediamplify empowers any content owner to create its own system and sell its content direct to millions of subscribers in Cable TV, web and Mobile. A network with playlists of streams, ad injection, overlay content using HTML5 web pages is all possible with Mediamplify today. Mediamplify is the true Cloud for Cable TV platform

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Mediamplify Music

Bring your favorite cloud to cable TV, choose our cloud-based music platform, Mediamplify Music, or choose your own cloud. Mediamplify Music is a great tool to bring a cloud music platform to a Cable TV subscriber

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More than 1000 music & TV channels. Music service for cable operators and telecommunication carriers. Turning coaxial and DOCSIS into a great entertainment platform with third screen, also available on mobile, web, chromecast, and tablets.

Mediamplify Music

Mediamplify Video

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The cloud also support many video platform that include Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix, and Mediamplyf Video. Our platform integrates video and enables delivery of TV and Movies to any device, mobile, tablet, desktop, chromecast, or cable set top box. Bringing your video cloud to your Cable TV subscribers is simplified and more efficient. Our platform is co-located at the cable/telco operator premises for immediate and fault-tolerant delivery of our media or yours

Mediamplify Video


Point to point, redundant video transfer – lightning fast, live streaming, audio/video delivery platform. Cloud storage synchronization, cloud-based media delivery

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Mediamplify is a cloud for cable platform created by EGLA COMMUNICATIONS. EGLA COMMUNICATIONS is located in Boca Raton, FL

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