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Team: About Mediamplify


Our History

Mediamplify® is a cloud-based media platform created by EGLA COMMUNICATIONS that originally was called “EGLA MEDIA PLATFORM.” Since 2011, our R&D team has been working on R&D, the software and architectural changes to enable Mediamplify, the cloud, and our MEDIA PLUG to work in media delivery for web, mobile, tablets, smart TV and cable/satellite systems.  The disjoint worlds of cable and web are unified using Mediamplify®. Our slogan “Amplify your Reach,” truly reflects the value proposition  of Mediamplify.  Mediamplify offers a one-stop shop for monetization including  applications that functions as outlets to all major devices in use.

The architecture was conceived and designed by our team of engineers including directed by Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez who is the Chief Technology Officer for EGLA COMMUNICATIONS.  In the last year, Mediamplify has been deployed in multiple operators and serviced multimedia applications successfully.

Clients Testimonials


Edwin A. Hernandez, PhD  Chief Technology Officer

Our talented inventor and creator, with over 8 issued patents, journal papers, and over 20 yrs of expertise in the computer industry. . Twitter


Dr. Alcides Hernandez, Chief Executive Officer and President

Great experience in management, business, and strategic thinking. Dr. Henandez has a PhD in Economics and has been in Internet businesses since 1997 and has been author to several books, publications, and interviews. Twitter


Anand Sukhu

Anand brings over 15+ years of experience at Motorola Mobility working with Telco’s and cable operators in the world. He has an extensive technical background in engineering and sales with a MS in Electrical and Conputer Engineering from the University of Florida


Daniel Easo

Business and Engineering  Daniel Easo, Bsc Msc in EE. Florida Atlantic Univeristy,
Daniel is a seasoned engineer with 10+ years of experience in NOKIA SIEMENS, ORACLE, Tekelek, in the fields of 3G and 4G Infrastructure and signaling. Daniel brings expertise in managing his technical sales team in its effort to market our technology and content offering to LATAM/Asia/US markets.

Team at EGLA
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