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MEVIA a solution for Education and Safety

In January, I was in Honduras and volunteered for the “Honduras Global Foundation.”

During my presence there, I proposed a new project with an innovative  e-learning and mobile education platform for Honduras and many parts of the world, which we call MEVIAMEVIA is a product that ties educational content with two massive distribution channels, mobile and Cable TV systems. Media includes Video and Music streaming channels available in both Mobile and Cable TV. Our application also includes an innovative safety feature suitable for a third world countries.  It’s known that Honduras has major problems with violence, crime, and education. These problems are  clearly described in the following UNICEF video.  MEVIA then comes to address two major issues in the third world, education and safety.



MEVIA is a new product that increases EGLA’s offering and brings the social responsibility aspect to our mission. MEVIA comes to address the gaps found in education and safety in countries like Honduras. This app will change the way we educate individuals with and provides an innovative e-Learning platform that brings Music, Video, and Safety outlets to our subscribers.


Our video content roadmap includes learning and teaching videos. We will integrate other content into the future. However,  our video content covers teaching videos for technical, business, design, and digital technologies, as well as primary to secondary schools.  From web design, to math, to programming languages, all in one great repertoire  of options also available on mobile and Cable TV.

and a Cable TV offering, with a network of 9-12 different HD/SD cable TV channels delivered to your local cable operator:



Our music service is a derivation of MEDIAMPLIFY MUSIC which  includes all genres, music from all countries, and is quite attractive as it comes with its Cable TV outlet.

Mevia Music is delivered with high-fidelity audio to mobile, web, and connected drives. Our music streaming content is also available for Cable TV systems in a great variety of set top boxes  Our music content includes thousands if not millions of tracks from man generes. All available at the palm of your hands.


Our safety offering is a great option to alert friends and family in case of emergencies.  A subscriber can trigger after installing the MEVIA application, an alert, that can be sent to a friend or a family member, and if required tracked real-time for our corporate users.  Indeed, MEVIA SAFETY is a great tool to help mobile users trigger an emergency mode in the phone after pressing a pattern on your phone without launching the app.

“Fact: Honduras is a Millennial Country  with 70% of the population under 30 yrs old, however 800K honduras does not work and does not study”


Honduras Global with the mission to create links between highly skilled and successful Hondurans abroad with Honduras and bring knowledge, exchange experiences, and develop the country. Honduras Global members include Dr. Sir Salvador Moncada, Myself,  Maya Selva, Carlos Campos, and many other renewed Hondurans, including myself as a founding member.   Honduras Global also became part of the “Marca Pais,” a government effort to market Honduras to the world with its best offering.

Merry Christmas from Mediamplify Team and Staff

We want to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016.  Please, Tune in to Mediamplify Music with Christmas music in spanish and english. This is the season to be jolly, la la lala la la la

Merry Christmas - Mediamplify

Thoughts on Apple TV, Cloud Platforms, and the Opportunity for Mediamplify

Recently, Apple Executives put on hold their plans to roll out a “Live TV” offering for the Apple TV. News reports indicate that major networks may have requested Apple to stop momentarily on those plans.


To our view, it seems inevitable that TV streaming (Internet TV, IPTV and Over the Top, OTT) and cable are going in a collision trajectory and an all out war is about to commence. The question is, are there any ways to find a consensus? Our platform, Mediamplify, is positioned to bridge the worlds of IPTV/OTT which are cloud-based services with the Cable TV network, a purely DVB broadcast system.

Technically, in our opinion, Cable TV and Streaming TV are complementary technologies. On one end, Cable TV is a more efficient system designed to broadcast TV feeds using the matured Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) set of standards. DVB is in essence much faster, efficient, and more scalable than IPTV-based technologies are and even more efficient than Over The Top platforms (OTT) in terms of cost.

Cable TV systems are nothing but a broadcast medium that encapsulates digital content to all subscribers in a particular region connected to a coaxial cable. Cable TV also provides bi-directionally support data and Internet. The only limitation factor is the number of mega bits of bandwidth in the coaxial cable and the type of multiplexing technology used to “mix” multiple TV networks in one DVB stream that is directed to homes with a plethora of STBs

Over the Top (OTT) and IPTV networks, on the other hand, may use also some sort of multicasting mimicking a broadcast network however for the most part require one stream per customer serviced. In many cases Netflix, Hulu, and other Over the Top platforms use an independent stream per subscriber a) Each stream is secured for a particular customer b) The internet will not be able to carry multicast traffic unless a private network is in use.


In other words, if a cable operator spent $1M in a head-end and coaxial deployments, this CAPEX would be about the same for the cable operator to broadcast TV/music to 100K users and to 10K subscribers. The price per subscriber is only limited by customer support costs and licensing fees.

While streaming TV or cloud-based streaming, on the other hand, requires more server instances to handle more subscribers, which in turn is reflected in more bandwidth and potentially more cloud computing power dedicated to new users.

For a cable operator, adding subscribers is pretty much free, not so much for a cloud-based platform.

Hence, a bridge that can provide access to cable TV subscribers as well as to Over-the-Top customers is a must have in today’s industry.

Mediaplfy Amplify yoru Reach (R)

A unique middleware that has been positioned to handle such integration is MEDIAMPLIFY. MEDIAMPLIFY has been thoroughly tested with cable head ends of all types from Motorola/Arris, Cisco, Ericsson’s Mediaroom, and other multiplexing technology. MEDIAMPLIFY also supports mobile, web, and other traditional IPTV/OTT distribution outlets.

merengueList of Genres from Q to Z on Mediamplify Music

  • Salsa
  • Samba
  • Show tunes
  • Ska
  • Smooth Jazz
  • Soca
  • Soft Rock
  • Soul Christmas
  • Spanish Pop
  • Symphonic metal
  • Symphonic Rock
  • Tango
  • Techno
  • Tejano
  • Trash Metal
  • Traditional Folk
  • Traditional Country
  • Trance
  • Tribal House
  • Tropical
  • Trova
  • UK Garage
  • Underground Power Pop
  • Uplifting Trance
  • Urban Contemporary
  • Vallenato
  • Venezuelan Rock
  • Video game music
  • Violin
  • Vocal Jazz
  • Workout
  • World Fusion
  • Worship

Juan Luis GuerraList of Genres from N to R in Mediamplify Music

  • Nu Jazz
  • Orchestral
  • Piano Blues
  • Piano Rock
  • Pop Rock
  • Power Pop
  • Progressive Rock
  • Punk
  • Punjabi
  • Reggae
  • Reggae Fusion
  • Reggaeton
  • Regional Mexican
  • Rock
  • Rock’n Roll
  • Rock en Espanol
  • Romantic

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