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Cloud to Cable: Mediamplify enables seamless integration of cable and cloud for TV and Music content

Cloud to Cable

Cloud to Cable : Merging the worlds of Cable and Cloud

Cloud to Cable is Mediamplify, ourcloud-based multimedia platform that simplifies the distribution of video and music to web, mobile, and cable TV systems. Cable operators can quickly integrate millions of STB to cloud-based content in a simplified solution. Our application permit white labeling your content offering and synchronization with remote controls and access to our video and music content, including MEDIAMPLIFY MUSIC


LCD TV panels. Television production technology conceptWeb and Mobile

Cloud to Cable brings Video and Music services to your subscribers in all devices. Video and music services are successfully growing driven by broadband services being more accessible and ubiquitous. 4G/3G are not affordable and widely supplemented by WiFi, DSL/Cable modems are deployed at a high rate, as ell was Fiber connectivity.     Web and mobile devices account for millions of users, without considering M2M and the “Internet of Things” which is expected to grow as well including digital signage, music subscription for commercial areas, and many more streaming options driven by M2M.


Cable/Satellite Systems

Satellite and cable systems account for millions of subscribers and around the globe they are the primary source for data/TV services. Over 100 Million subscribers in the United States alone with thousands of cable operators all over the globe. Cable TV  is still a very efficient system for media and audio delivery.  There are 7000 Headends in the United States, and millions of consumers connected to cable systems. Hence, there is a tremendous need to any media delivery platform to reach cable, as well as the cloud and the web.

LTE Base Station

4G LTE Platforms

At EGLA we have our own NFV or Network Function Virtualization LTE Network to test our multimedia platform in multiple bit-rates and signal qualities. Providing the best experience for a mobile subscriber in modern “All-IP” networks.

Cloud Integration

Cloud to Cable enables a flexible system for your MSO infrastructure to be integrated with any cloud, currently we support Pandora, SoundCloud, Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Last.FM.

Music Clouds

The most popular music clouds are: Pandora, Spotify, Last.FM, SoundCloud, Mediamploify Music Shoutcast, and many others. Mediamplify integrates seamlessly to those clouds and generates streaming content for you cable systems

MediamplifyMusic Support

Video Clouds

Likewise, we integrated Youtube and Vimeo where content can be automatically generated with those clouds or your private Cloud. This comes in hand for movie studios or producers of large amounts of videos as they can create “linear” TV channels from their own content and deploy it to cable systems or Telco’s in 4G/LTE systems.

Cloud computing and media storage conceptCloud

Cloud computing, storage, and high-performance file systems are used by Mediamplify® to enhance, optimize, and power connectivity to cable/satellite systems, as well as mobile, web, IPTV, and tablets.  Our cloud is scalable and secured.

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