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Mediamplify MEDIA PLUG: MEDIAMPLIFY Hardware for cable headends and 4G/LTE infrastructure

Mediamplify MEDIA PLUG


Mediamplify® for Cable Operators

Cloud to Cable merges with Mediamplify TV and Music content in the cloud and our MSO/Cable TV operator or IPTV system. Mediamplify connects with Cable/Satellite operator headends by using our MEDIA PLUG appliance. This appliance is capable of broadcasting cable/TV standard content and broadcast it to all set top boxes in that cable operator headend.


Cloud to Cable : Music and Video Content

Service and content providers benefit from this integration as cable operators can now receive media from our cloud that is automatically synchronized with the web/mobile/iptv content. Mediamplify effectively amplifies your reach to millions of subscribers in multiple cable operator headends. This added benefit complements the offering made by service providers as well as increases revenue streams from satellite/cable operators.

AXTELTV-AudioPlayer01 (1)Cable Operator Screen

Each cable operator may choose to customize their content and offer unique screens or lineup for different markets/headends.  For “Mediamplify Music” this is the case, the content is offered with customizable options to imprint cable operators’s brand and many licensing options are available for each operator.

CableOperator_Headend0Headend Support

Each media plug is configured to enable any encoding format, metadata, bit-rates, and fault-tolerance features.  Media is delivered over the internet, for such synchronization is performed over fiber or high-speed internet link, the media plug is an important component of the Cloud to Cable architecture.

EGLAMEDIAPLUG_Production Mediamplify Music Mediaplug

Each cable operator headend does not require individual encoders or muxers facilitating cable operator deployment. The channels are generated by the media plug’s headend hardware and securely synchronized with the Mediamplify cloud.


Cloud to Cable with the MEDIA PLUG

EGLA MEDIA PLUG™ is a network appliance designed for cable and telecommunication operators installed at the cable headend premises, fully managed and synchronized to the Mediamplify platform. The MEDIA PLUG is a secure private cloud that broadcasts TV and Music content to broadcast content directly to subscribers in the MSO

Specification MediaPlug Lite

Description of the Mediaplug Lite unit

Specification MediaPlug

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