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Mediamplify Mobile Applications: Mediamplify Mobile Applications

Mediamplify Mobile Applications

Mediamplify Applications – Native iPhone and Android

Native interfaces can be used as well as part of the plan. These applications can be customized and available via Apple Store and Google Play.


Mobile Apps


These mobile applications can be fully branded and customized to meet client needs, as you can change:

  • Colors
  • Logos/Splash Screen
  • Language
  • Login Credentials
  • Add/Remove Stations
  • Music Lab wizard (May not be available for all markets)

Music Channels

Music channels appear in a list with metadata and these channels can be created by the user or selected by the users from the music cloud that is available in Mediamplify®.

As you can easily search channels for music being currently played, add favorites, and more.


The music player presents metadata on the screen that can be used for monetization via ads. The music plays in the background or foreground and changes the wallpaper using the metadata located in the Mediamplify platform.

Favorite Lists

Favorite playlists are assigned per user and saved in the mobile terminal or in the cloud. Music subscribers can select and choose their most desired stations and personalize their experience

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