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Mediamplify Video: Mediamplify is the platform that brings cloud-based video to mobile, web and cable TV systems.

Mediamplify Video


Mediamplify enables High and Standard Definition (HD/SD) videos to be broadcasted everywhere in a simple fashion. Video/Live TV can be broadcasted to mobile (iOS/Android), tablets, web, smart TVs, and Set Top Boxes

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Video Broadcasting

Mediamplify is a cloud-based multimedia platform that video, music, and television content. Our technology is patent pending covering the devices that translates video and music signaling from a cloud-based platform to a cable TV head end system. Our platform supports media streaming and current Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) by using streaming and broadcasting modules compatible with Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standards.

As we support Mediamplify Music, Mediamplify Video is also supported with content provided or retrieved from Youtube, Vimeo, or other providers that load their content into Mediamplify cloud storage. This content can generate linear TV channels in real time and provide this content to a Chromecast, Web terminal, or broadcast it to a Cable headend system. In Chromecast and other mobile applications, the web icon for chromecast is shown indicating that a Chromecast dongle is the network and broadcasting can start to your TV with video and audio available from your mobile phone. This is a similar behavior seen with Apple TV.




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IPTV Platform

Mediamplify IPTV platform provides video and TV streams available in your smart TVs, Roku,
and Chromecast devices.

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Chromecast Integration

Users will be able to download the application and immediately be integrated to their Chromecast device, the Choromecast application provides live and on-demand video and music content to your Smart TV or any TV with a Chromecast support. We tested this integration at HONDUTEL in Honduras using DSL lines of 1Mbps, 2Mbps, up to 10Mbps. The 1Mbps line provided exceptional support for music and Standard Definition TV while anything over 5Mbps provided HD/SD/Music for up to three TVs

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