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Mediamplify Web Interface: Mediamplify Music Web Interfaces

Mediamplify Web Interface

MediamplifyMusic_webWeb Interfaces

Our web portal, a customizable front-end component of the Mediamplify® platform,  provides a way for users to subscribe, view, access, and play multimedia content available thru the Mediamplify Platform. Great examples can be found both in Mediamplify Music and Mediamplify Video product(s).   This interface is a great tool to gain and monetize user’s already connected to a cable operator as such a cable operator my be integrated to our authentication service and enable those users to view their content in any device.


Login and Authentication

Authentication can be validated against our own database or custom-based systems owned by the cable or telecommunication operator. The validation can be done with other services such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, however management of the user’s information will be described by the “User’s Service Agreement”

statistics for operatorsStatistical Data for Media Traffic

The collect data is analyzed and reviewed in terms of usage per video, live streams, audio/video sources, radio stations, to help planning and determine trends.

WebchannelsEmbedded Player for Audio/Video

Embedded players are available for audio and video, supporting HTML5.0 feeds and streaming capabilities compatible with next generation devices and players.

skyBrasilApp0Integration to 3rd party applications

3rd party applications can connect to Mediamplify Platform API to handle authentication, validation, metadata, audio creation/playback, supporting your own brand integration to your webpage.

Value Added

Self-Generated User Interfaces

Based upon the contextual information from the media, our mediamplify cloud generates appropriate metadata and screens with auto generated content, bringing Machine Intelligence to life and creating “Automagically” responsive UIs for subscribers.

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