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Monetization: Mediamplify is the platform that simplifies music and television video distribution to web, mobile, and cable systems. Patent pending technology enables integration of cloud with cable TV offerings. A cloud for cable TV systems.


Blue Piggy Bank WIth CoinsMonetization for Mediamplify Music

Content monetization can be performed with:

  • Sale of subscription services to your existing clients
  • Distribution of our content in a geographical area

Monetization with subscribers

A cable or telecommunications’ operator can monetize from additional revenue streams coming from  subscription-based services . Mediamplify music  is an offering with commercial-free content to their customers that adds value to a basic cable/mobile plan.   Mobile operators can  sell 2G/3G/4G data services as a bundle or M2M subscriptions and provide a good value-added service that can be marketed to consumers or businesses or both.

The platform is integrated with PayPal, Authorize.NET and many other payment gateway platforms, in some cases integration to Cable/Telecom operator’s backend and billing system is always possible.

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Monetization by reselling Mediamplify Music

We are looking for partnerships with cable operators or any other organization that can bring Mediamplify Music and resell our service in a market

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Subscription Services

As an example, our demonstrative screen shows three or four different service plans. Offering a free subscription is recommended as this offer will increase customer-base.

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