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Our Coverage

Industry Trends

There is an increasing need for multimedia, video and audio, to be serviced efficiently, a one-stop shop is required for video delivery to anydevice including cable systems. Video and audio subscriptions are now a requirement that responds to a grown need for video and audio delivery.

iStock_9818499_818_SILVER SCREEN” There’s a mountain of money at stake as video and TV consumption shifts to smartphones and tablets

Amplify your Reach 


Mediamplify is the multimedia platform that takes advantage of the cloud  to stream, deliver, and monetize multimedia content to any device. Our platform unifies two worlds, web and cable. Mediamplify is a platform that replaces the satellite offering service and content providers a one stop shop for content monetization, transcoding, media delivery,  effectively amplifying your reach to mobile, web, IPTV, and cable TV systems.


Mediamplify CDN

Our cloud storage platform, HulaDrive, provides a multi-TB repository for media content, backup, and content delivery high-performance and secure  repository for your media.


Mediamplify  contains all necessary components all distributed in the cloud to stream, transcode, and securely deliver media content to any device in the web and cable systems.

Mediamplify® and Huladrive™ are products of EGLA COMMUNICATIONS  a Florida startup company.


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