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Partnership  Opportunities

Mobile and Cable Operators

We are looking for brands, specially mobile and cable operators brands that are interested in providing value added services to their customers,  Entertainment applications involving music and video.  Mediamplify Music is a great platform enabling PCs, mobile, tablets, IPTV subscriptions and access from those customers. A cable or mobile operators, depending on the region, may choose to offer their own branding on screens, applications, and subscription rates. This is now possible with our platform, our team will enhance the “User Experience.”




Radio Stations and networks

Any network of radio stations now can bundle their services and create their own experience for their listeners. As our business partner, a radio network may be able to offer global subscriptions, if your media rights permit, and design their own user experience that can compare with music services in the market today

Partnerships with Media Streaming Companies

Take your content to the next level, reduce costs on streaming budget and generate good revenues distributing your content around the planet with MEDIAMPLIFY to thousands of cable operators around the world. You can still monetize IPTV customers individually with our platform.

Juan Luis Guerra

Artist and Entertainers

Own your own brand and partner with others, reach out millions of consumers in cable systems and IPTV networks

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