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Platform for Cable and Mobile Operators: TV and Music for 4G/LTE wireless carriers and cable systems

Platform for Cable and Mobile Operators

A platform for mobile and cable operators

  • Develop Brand Awareness
  • Monetize 3G/4G LTE Infrastructure
  • Amplify reach to any device
  • Capture 3rd screen opportunity



Features Set for Mediamplify:

  • Mediamplify Music (Pandora-like) Service. Interactive/Non-Interactive
  • VMediamplify ideo (Netflix-like) Service. Interactive/Linear
  • Advertisement: Inject audio/video ads into media streams
  • US and LATAM Markets, quick access to worldwide rights
  • Millions of music songs and genres
  • Broadcast mobile phones to traditional cable set top boxes
  • IPTV Platform with Billing and Authentication

Some of DVB Systems

      • CABLEVISION : Mexico
      • CableMAS – Mexico
      • Claro TV
      • TIGO
      • Many others

IPTV Systems

      • AXTEL TV
      • HONDUTEL
      • Many others
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