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Pricing: Pricing for Mediamplify and Mediamplify Music


Platform-as-a-ServicePlatform as a Service

Mediamplify® is offered as a “Platform as a Service (PaaS),”  hosting all necessary components to offer multimedia service to all subscribers in the cloud. We facilitate the deployment of mobile media solutions to cable systems, mobile, web, and tablets.  The service is then paid as a price per subscriber without worries about bandwidth, computing, or delivery, focussing efforts on your multimedia product. The platform also offers a simple mechanism for collecting payments from subscribers  while facilitating your cash flow management  . In some cases, as in  “Mediamplify Music” case,  the payment may include a fee for all royalties paid int he countries where Mediamplify has the rights for. Similarly for video services, such services are covered in the monthly fee.


mediamplify greyLicensing

The Mediamplify®  platform is offered under a non-exclusive licensing agreement where a copy of the platform is installed at a customer’s cloud premises and remotely maintained under a support package. Multiple modules are provided as part of the offering including proprietary technologies that have been developed by our team. Depending on the licensing terms, EGLA will continue innovating and fixing product issues in the platform, these new software upgrades will be available to be picked up by the licensee and our integration team will be assigned to support and provide the newest versions of the Mediamplify platform. Contact us for additional information.



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