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Provisioning Process

Provisioning Process

music-iconMusic content is chased by the cable operator depending on the package requested, 10, 25, 50, 100 music channel offering.  You also may need to decide if web/mobile applications will be available with that content or more.

video_icon  Choose broadband delivery mechanism, Fiber, DSL/Cable modem, providing a minimum of 1Mbps  of download speeds. All depends on the amount of content that can be cached. Mediamplify Music requires at least 1Mbps.

You can chose from a set of media plug units, depending on your  requirements including fault-tolerance, capacity, number of channels. The units are configured and deployed to your headend. The devices connect over the broadband to the mediamplify cloud in a secured fashion, final adjustments are conducted at the headend.


Some cable and telecommunication operators may choose customization services, authentication, user interfaces, and application changes. If this is the case, we can schedule this customization efforts to take place as the media plugs are being delivered to your headend(s)image_2_slide1

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