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Screen customization: Music for cable operators, Screen customization, personalization de la pantalla, musica para cable operadores, música para operadores movibles.

Screen customization

Video Screen Customization

The video screen can be customized based on user’s input and generated automatically from our Mediamplify APi in the cloud. Our algorithms can aggregate data from multiple sources and generate video inputs that are generated over to the cable operator screen.

HTML5 for User Interface Design

The User Interface is designed using a standard HTML5 browser, a python or PHP can be used to render the interface to be ready for injection to the cable system or mobile/web terminal.
As an example the URL called can result on a page in standard HTML5web2cable 03
The UI design is done with standard HTML resources and generated via our patent pending technology at the MEDIAPLUG.

Sample screens with customized video art and content in  MP4 video format.  Mediamplify® can generate many other encoding formats and encapsulations.

Low Quality – Video – 320Kbps – Sample

Link: Cellular Sample

High Quality Video – 5Mbps

Link: Broadband

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