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Services: Cloud for Cable TV, Mediamplify simplifies video and music broadcasting across web, mobile, and cable TV, Mediamplify Music is our music for cable product


Mediamplify® simplifies media distribution to cable/satellite systems for your video and music content. Mediamplify brings together cloud to cable TV systems. Our platform allows service and content providers to reduce cost and monetize their media effectively amplifying your reach to mobile, web, IPTV, and cable/satellite systems. Cloud for Cable

What We Do

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Our customers are service and content providers with subscribers in cable systems, web, IPTV, and the next generation interfaces. We also service Cable and Telecom Operators with our cloud for cable offering and with Mediamplifu Music, a music for cable product. Our Mediamplify Platform as a Service (PaaS)  is  designed for simplicity and facilitate the complex management and allocation of bandwidth, storage, encoding/transcoding, application software, paywall into a simple price-per-subscriber.  Our Mediamplify platform handles the end-to-end delivery of content, payment collection, and management of your content live or pre-recorded.

How We Do It

MEDIAMPLIFY EXPLANATORY 01Mediamplify® is our cloud-based platform that includes: Streaming, Encoding, Security, Monetization, Applications, and web-based Platforms.

Cable and Satellite Operators require our “Mediaplug” device that broadcasts audio, video, and multimedia to set top boxes. Our media plug specification can be found here.

Our multimedia platform stores, encodes, schedules, transcodes, and manages a world-wide content delivery network supporting multiple formats and bandwidth limitations.  A mediaplug is also a media encoding transceiver capturing live content to the cloud using HTML 5.0 compatible formats.

Our cloud transcodes and synchronizes multimedia content securely using HTTPS and SSL links, encrypting caches to cable operator headends simultaneously.

Experience one of our products using our platform with Mediamplify Music. Some samples with music channels: Music Player

Live Audio is not an exception. Likewise, HD/SD Video is now easy to deploy, distribute, and monetize visit our site at “Mediamplify Video”.

Follow this lead: Mediamplify Video


Cloud-based Multimedia Encoding
Encoding can be performed in any of our nodes in the cloud, each node is capable of encoding any multimedia format.


Content Monetization
Our paywall interfaces with subscription-based services such as PayPal, Stripe, and others. Start monetizing subscription-based services.


Cable/Satellite TV
Broadcasting to Cable/Satellite TV is simplified with our MEDIA PLUG appliances, adding a headend to our network is affordable and more scalable. There is no need to purchase transponder space or add satellite RF receivers at customer’s premises. 


Music, Audio Delivery
Mediamplify is designed for Audio and Video. Our special applications and streaming audio capabilities support thousands of users streaming music/audio files, as well as live radio feeds. 


Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage platform with multi TB capacity, secured and high-performance file system


Mobile, Tablets
Our platform supports mobile, tablets formats including native applications for multimedia streaming and video playback.


Over-the-Top (OTT) Platform
Over the Top Platform for media distribution and delivery with paywall monetization. Mediamplify offers simplicity and easy to use OTT video platform with automated content creation.


Our platform is continuously being updated by our team, we are bringing the latest features to our cloud and headend management./address>
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