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Success Stories: Use cases in United States and Latin America

Success Stories

Mediamplify and Mediamplify Music

Our technology and service have been successfully deployed in multiple production environments that include operators in the US and Latin America. Some success stories in cable TV systems include:

    • Cable Color – Honduras
    • Cablemas – Mexico
    • Axtel TV – Mexico
    • Claro-TV – via Satellite Cablevision Mexico
    • SKY Tunes / Sky Brasil – Brasil
    • And many other in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia


EGLA CORP’s MEDIAMPLIFY Music platform also has been the platform behind SKY TUNES an application made for all SKY BRASIL customer with over 1M downloads in the iOS and Android stores.

Additionally, EGLA CORP was instrumental in the transition of DMX/MOOD MEDIA assets to STINGRAY Digital in July 2014, when MEDIAMPLIFY was being used as a content distribution platform for MOOD to all their 20M customer in the $16M deal with STINGRAY.


DMX Media (now Stingray Media) has been in use of Mediamplify together with the DMX2Go music service. DMX2GO is available thru the web/mobile/cable.  On cable TV, many systems are supported by DMX in South America and The US.

The Mediamplify  Platform has been a key enabler for the success of DMX Media and delivering content to millions of subscribers in the southern hemisphere with more than 100+ commercial-free music channels.



SKY  Brasil

SKY Lanuched their music service, SKY Tunes in Brasil running over the Mediamplify Platform. This service has been in operation since 2013 and has over 500K downloads in Apple and Android Application Stores.

Mediamplify and EGLA COMMUNICATIONS have offered a faullt-tolerant backend for SKY and our cloud services over 3 Million API requests per months and thousands of requests for music streaming.





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